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Friday, December 25, 2009

Logg. 25.12.09

If its love that makes the wold go round then i'm part of
the destruction of the world. This X-mas i can't bring
myself to feel anything other then Sadness.

but sins i'm in Paris i can't! be to sad in this Beautiful city!
Waking up with the sun in my face not the welcome i expected
But a Great one non the less.

Salmon, Risotto, Champagne, Stroop wafels, Chocolate.
christmas tree, Russians, safe.

My view this afternoon:

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I <3 Jamie Richards

LOGG. 24.12.09

this month very stressful and the stress just
didn't seem to want to stop.

Today i decided to escape this stress.

Mykromag is going great its not only a huge honer
to be able to work with my best friend but the magazine
is amazing and i love it more then i love shoes ( i think ).

Nai-Sam is heaven and the ELLE style awards are going to
be amazing!

X-mas. Ever sinds Coca Cola created our modern day Santa
and know how to embody the Christmas Spirit like no other.
I wait for that commercial every year so i can get into
the christmas spirit " The Holidays are coming. "

Not even Mariah or Wham could do it for me this year.

With all the respect to my mom and dad i escaped


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Thank you Magali!

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New face @ Future Faces <3

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A new GIRL in my life

Meet Nai-Sam Lau the now fashion Editor for