Friday, December 26, 2008

Beyonce VS Sasha

Beyonce is stepping up and down but then again so is Sasha
Its pretty clear what she is doing and her concept is one not
to be messed with for all the blogger and pres out there who
have been ( how do i put this politely ) saying bad thing about
Beyonce here is my diagnosis.

Beyonce had mande 1 album with two side one is Sasha one is Beyonce
Sasha does the fierce songs has the Vishes stylist and doesn't take shit
form anyone.

On the other hand you have Beyonce mellow beautiful as always and
nevertheless Fierce.

Film 2 video's at the time and what do you get 1 person 2 styles hit both
sins of the market BEYONCE is a business woman and SASHA is PRODUCT.

And for those that didn't know GARETH PUGH is WRITTEN ALL OVER THE DIVA VIDEO

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Maison pour la Maison

Maison Martin Margiela for the Maison?!

Maison Martin Margiela has dropped a monumental hint that it’s ramping up its line of home objects, unveiling an all-white 2,000-square-foot apartment situated atop the Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine museum in Paris. Sponsored by Ikea, Margiela is the latest guest designer to be invited by Elle Decoration magazine to take up the interior challenge, filling the shoes of Christian Lacroix, who attended the launch party Thursday night along with Diesel honcho Renzo Rosso and Jean Paul Gaultier. Lacroix, whose flat was a characteristic riot of color, was flabbergasted by the space’s transformation, now blanketed in white and touches of mirror, while Gaultier pored over the dining room’s confetti-covered trompe l’oeil linoleum, printed to resemble white parquet flooring. Other features include a grand piano muffled in a white cotton sheath. The room will later house work by up-and-coming artists. Outside, a lawn of snow-white Astroturf now covers a vast balcony that overlooks the Eiffel Tower. “It’s meant to resemble the aftermath of a party. We’ll be scattering dead glasses and bottles over the floor later,” said one of the house’s lab coat-wearing workers. Margiela architect Sandra Marquis, just back from Dubai where she’d been working on the house’s new store, as well as doing a bit of skiing, said the project had taken five weeks to achieve.

Maison Martin Margiela chief executive officer Giovanni Pungetti hinted there’ll likely be bigger design projects to come. “We’ve been thinking about the kinds of projects we could do in home decoration or hotel design. This was a great opportunity to show what we can do,” he said, confirming the house also plans to intensify its home design line, likely adding carpet and wallpaper lines. So will the next Maison Martin Margiela show take place in the house’s new temporary Trocadero home? “Who knows? The apartment’s ours for a year and we definitely intend to make good use of it,” said Pungetti.

I say Fuck yes Margiela on my face margiela round my waist and why not Margiela on my flour and Margiela all over my place.
Dec. 20 through October 2009 at Palais de Chaillot, 1 place du Trocadéro, Paris,


Penn Badgley in GQ

Last amsterdam Fashion week

All pix by mylou

krautboys Update

photo by luc

They are back

Ive been dropping by there blog every now and then to see of they had
uploaded or posted anything new and Finlay they have!
Jonesy is gracing us with a new pic a new short film and amazing music!
Definitely worth the view and the listen.

this homo erotic blog to me is the best out there not boxing anything up and
Free in expression they seem to post whatever they find sexy and don't seem
to approach it as gay in the first sense it seems to be more about beauty.
they seem to pay great tribute to the male anatomy. and respect to great artists
such as: Jean Daniel Cadinot, Levi Van Veluw and many more visual artists aswell as musician's.

Check it out:

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Luis vuitton is about to launch a site that pays great tribute to the world of Stephen Sprouse. Stephan sprouse who passed march 4th in 2004 was best known for his initial Day-Glo bright, sixties-inspired, graffiti-printed fashion collections for men and women. Wich he presented beweet 1983 - 1985 his collection
seemed to be a great succes. Wich was the reason why for great shock in the industry,
Sprouse declared bankruptcy in June 1985 (even though his base of influential fashion editors and high-end stores were firmly in place). Sprouse spoke of production, late deliveries to stores, management and financial problems.

In September 1987, with financial backing from high-end furniture manufacturer Knoll International (then known as GFI/General Felt Industries), Sprouse opened a three-level store on Wooster Street in New York City; a second, much smaller store was opened in Los Angeles in the spring of 1988 at the Beverly Center shopping complex. He partly abandoned his signature sixties silhouettes, instead drawing inspiration from the mid-seventies London-based Punk rock scene. For his Fall 1987 and Spring 1988 collections, he was given permission to use the (recently deceased) Andy Warhol's "Camouflage" series of screen-prints to utilize as textile designs; for his Fall 1988 "Signature" collection, he collaborated with artist Keith Haring to create several abstract prints of Jesus with graffiti. His company, CSI ({Andrew} Cogan Sprouse Incorporated) also wholesaled the various collections ("Stephen Sprouse," "Sprouse," and "S") to retailers (commencing with his Spring 1988 collection), but he lost his financial backing due to production problems and poor sales, closing down again in December 1988, shortly after the company shipped their "Holiday" and "Resort" lines.

In 1992, Sprouse designed an exclusive men's and women's "capsule collection" (i.e.: 32 pieces in whole) for Bergdorf Goodman, dubbed "CyberPunk," which featured Velcro in lieu of traditional buttons. Sprouse (once again) largely sourced custom made textiles from Agnona for his fall 1992 collection. The production of the collection was done entirely on a couture level, leading to extremely high-priced garments (e.g.: $500 for a pair of men's nylon underwear - that being one of the lowest priced items available). Bergdorf Goodman sold the line for two seasons (Fall 1992 & Spring 1993), with very limited success, despite wide media coverage, and featuring Sprouse's garments in their window displays.

Sprouse showed a collection ("CyberGlitter") at Club USA in NYC for Fall 1993, but it never went into full production, despite orders being placed.

In 1995, Barneys New York handled the production of an exclusive women's spring/summer line. Vogue magazine featured the moderately priced garments in its pages, but it sold poorly. That same year, Sprouse also served as the costume curator for the new Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, and designed the staff's uniforms.

In 1998, with full production and backing from Italian manufacturer Staff International, he was briefly back in business, but the clothes sold poorly and were largely ignored by the fashion press and retailers that adored him in the 1980s.

Despite such ups and downs, Sprouse's apparel is still coveted - his clothing continues to fetch high prices in vintage stores and online (e.g.: eBay) for his most iconic pieces.

The graffiti logo bags he designed in collaboration with Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton in 2001 made the fashion world take notice once again. The pieces sold-out instantly.

In 2002, he created a vast collection of men's and women's apparel, home accessories, sports gear, etc. for the Target discount chain (dubbed "AmericaLand") - mostly rendered in a graffiti patriotic motif.

For Fall 2006, Marc Jacobs utilized Sprouse's 1987 graffiti leopard images for handbags, shoes, and scarves for Louis Vuitton, which sold-out instantly.

Sprouse designed clothes for Blondie's Debbie Harry (his one-time downstairs neighbor in the Bowery section of NYC) in the late 70s/early 80s, prior to becoming a commercial designer. Sprouse worked extensively with the band Duran Duran in the late 80s, designing the clothes for their 1989 tour for the album Big Thing, as well as the cover for their greatest hits album Decade: Greatest Hits of the same year. Additionally, he styled and dressed Billy Idol in the early 90s for Idol's "comeback" (which garnered little interest).

Sprouse launched himself as a commercial fashion designer when he competed in a fashion show contest of young designers in the spring of 1983 (at the suggestion of photographer and friend Steven Meisel), sponsored by the Polaroid Corporation (he previously worked as a design assistant to Halston in the 1970s for three years). Based upon the favorable editorial reaction he received, he soon after formed his first company, Stephen Sprouse, Inc., and set up a showroom and production space at 57th Street and Fifth Avenue, launching his initial commercial collections for retail (prior to this, production of his early 1983 collections, done on a relatively small scale, was manufactured by Dianne Phelp's company "Triad").

Sprouse soon formed an in-house production staff for the small runway collection he showed in his silver-painted showroom (in homage to the Andy Warhol Factory loft of the sixties) in December 1983. The show garnered much attention and very favorable reviews (notably from the New York Times Fashion Editor John Duka). Sprouse's subsequent runway show, held at the NYC club The Ritz in May 2004 was the "must see" show of the season.

Financial backing was provided by his parents, Norbert and Joanne Sprouse, for Sprouse's initial business.

Sprouse died at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York City of heart failure, after a closely guarded diagnosis of lung cancer a year before. He was 50.

A book on the career of Stephen Sprouse will be released on January 8, 2009.


Cover of Chines Vogue January 2009

Chanel USSR

I have to say I wasn't as impressed with the Clothes as much as I
was impressed with the head pieces. they are absolutely Jeanius.
on you can see them in amazing detail it seems
some of them were made with the models hair I hope that
doesn't enable the use of the head pieces I would love to see them
in the store.

For the rest of the collection its theme is quit clear I am wondering
how Russia and the rest of the world will react to this. Karl has taken
everything Russian and interpreted in a 30s ish Chanel way creating looks
like the following:

Later in the show black made place for white and dark made space for light
and beauty made space for even more beauty;

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

when i was younger...

All i wanted to do was grow up be older play with the adults
drink coffee and beer stay up late and watch scary movies.

I'm 22 years of age and did i grow up did i drink the coffee?
god knows i have had my share of the horror movies.

When i was younger i couldn't wait to grow up get a job and Marie
a pretty girl have children, a nice house and a nice car.
W wanted to become a professor and cure AIDS and Cancer.
No more WAR no more poverty no more evil in the world.
I guess my life turned out quit different.
When I was younger. I found myself dreaming most of the time what if?

Now that I am grown for as far as I can say that I am grown at the
age of 22 I wonder where all that time went. Can I still play round
or am i way passed that time and should I really be as busy as I am
with the rest of my life.

Why can't we all just stay young? have fun and be creative till a point
of no return till we reach a point of creative extreme where all you do is
use imagination. We all work hard and start working harder to fulfill our
dreams at a younger age. Makes you wonder is age nothing but a number?

I'm happy to See the line of age where you can or cant is getting thinner.
in many ways an amazing change and in some a less good change younger people
get to use there creativity and know how and younger people are abusing drugs
and alcohol.

when i was younger i wanted to world to hold hands and to wars to stop
I wanted to do good at school and make my parents proud I wanted to heal
the world and make it a better place. But as you grow older you seem to
understand at a certain point this could be early on or even very late that
the world we live in is what we together make of it and as much as people
seem to tell you one person can not make a difference you can.

become what ever you want as long as you stay true to yourself and are committed.


Behind the scenes at Marissa's coiffure shoot

Marissa made 4 pictures of Bubba, Sarah, Wietske
and myself u tell me what the diffrences are...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

DiscoBall Death

Belive it or not!

Monday night wile attending the birthday party of a friend
i had the best of fun a little dancing a little drinking and
sins the party started early i intended to go home early and
before the clock could hit midnight and i could run home. I was
dancing with the birthday girl whom sonny and myself had given
a present I designed myself. "It happened".

A disco ball, yes people nothing other that that ball of glitz
and sparkle fell from a part of the sealing that wasn't to high

and hit me on the left side of my forehead right on my face and
hit the ground after, i thought Ooooh my god this did not just
happen to me. I turned round and started laughing so HARD, turned round
to feel what that liquid was that was running over my face to find
it wasn't sweat my hand was all red. Not only did a disco ball hit me
in the head it had scrapped my face and cut me open.

Photo: Hedi Silmane

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Paris part 2!

Day 2!
The shoot for LURVE magazine.
It took us forever but we sure got amazing work done.
The shoot started off a little bit uneasy but as soon
as i turned on some music of my own it went much better
and faster then i thought.

Its very important if your a stylist that is modeling to not
give your opinion and just be the manikin but Kristina did
s great job getting brands together and making it work.

The shoot went quit fist i flew trough the outfits and make up.

Sins the magazine is coming out in march i wont be able to show
any images not back stage pictures. We'll all just have to wait
and see. we were done quit late so all i did was go home and in
stead of going out i went straight to bed.

The day after!
People wake up and find themselves in Paris i think almost every day
people from all over the world travel to the City of love and find
themselves in a huge museum because really the whole city is a

I woke up quit late because with the cold and the rain there was
no reason to wake up early. put in some clothes and went out on the
town i passed by all the basic shop's i always pass enjoyed the city
for as much as the weather would allow me to so in and out of shops
i went. Bonjour et au revoir i was suppose to meet up with Ray and
Kristina at 5 at Collete.

round that time i got a call telling me to meet then there at 19.00
due to some misunderstanding Kristina didn't show but Daravone did.
the night at Collete wasn't very special but i did have allot of fun
drinking and having a laugh.

Pic: Grace Jones By Jeanius

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Shoohoo My choise for this fall

Before i start on my stay in Paris and start missing it even more
then i already do. I have to talk about my love for the most
amazing works of art that have greatest our world sins Both men
and woman walked around gracefully on platforms that raised them
higher about the ground. These are a few of my favorites for this fall
From top to bottom:
nicholas kirkwood
Sergio rosi
Pierre hardy
Louis vuitton

Up date on November!!

November has been the busiest month!! I had so much to do
that i found myself doing somethings with half a mind or 80
in stead of 100% with allot of shoots MYKRO and moving
i found myself quit lost a few times. But never the less
a great month that ended better then i could have imagined!

here the update,

End of last month Majid and myself got hold of tickets for the
Dollhouse by Victor & Rolf an amazing expo that looks back on
the even more amazing collections that the designers have made
over the years. It was a very impressive overview that that shooed
in a JEANIUS way Calling it doll house was one thing putting the
clothes on huge dolls another but actually building a huge dollhouse
and filling it with there best work was amazing! the house was huge
and the clothes and the Details AMAZING Victor & Rolf have been
outdoing themselves ever sins they started but this was truly a
new and very inspirational way of showing the art that is .

The only thing that i found rather well disappointing is that they didn't
show there latest collection.

foto by: love-aesthetics

Monday, December 1, 2008


No no its not fashion week yet but yes i find myself in PARIS
my Good friend KRISTINA booked me for a shoot for her NEW MAGAZINE! that funny enough i still
Do not knot the name of!

Ok lets start at the beginning friday familie form italie arrived
really late at night and sins i had been moving all my stuff to my
new apptment. i was Dead tired and couldn't pack my bag for PARIS
they left round 2 in the morning and i finaly started packing now
let me explain the following my ticked was booked for me and i was
suppose to take a train to paris at 9.26 in the moring and i put my
alarm on my phone at 8.00 so i could have enough time my phone is an
hour in front so i am sure i will ot be late...:( but i forgot this
so my allarm went at 7 and i slept right trough it! i woke up Shocked and
stupified Got my stuff togetter and ran to the station to book a ticket
for the next train to leave to Paris. The next train would leave at 13.26
so i had to w8 all this time. Sinds the trip taked 4 hours i arrived in
Paris at 17.30...

well i arived brought my stuff the AMAZING MAGALIE from DIRTYGLAM who
offered me a place to stay! and i went to bed!

First day here and i woke up way to urly took a shower and got ready for
the shoot left on time and met up with Kristina at GAR de l'Est went to
the studio and we could begin she had a whole team thee to make me look
All that more fabulous. Later our good friend RAY arrived and the shoot
turned out to be better then i thought it would be all i expected was to
do what i always do in front of a camara but i did so much more and it
took so much longer so as soon as i can i will let you know how it turend out...

For now i have to run run run...willget back to you asap.