Friday, December 26, 2008

Beyonce VS Sasha

Beyonce is stepping up and down but then again so is Sasha
Its pretty clear what she is doing and her concept is one not
to be messed with for all the blogger and pres out there who
have been ( how do i put this politely ) saying bad thing about
Beyonce here is my diagnosis.

Beyonce had mande 1 album with two side one is Sasha one is Beyonce
Sasha does the fierce songs has the Vishes stylist and doesn't take shit
form anyone.

On the other hand you have Beyonce mellow beautiful as always and
nevertheless Fierce.

Film 2 video's at the time and what do you get 1 person 2 styles hit both
sins of the market BEYONCE is a business woman and SASHA is PRODUCT.

And for those that didn't know GARETH PUGH is WRITTEN ALL OVER THE DIVA VIDEO


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! Finially some one who get sit..

MR style said...

well im not supporting beyonce new fashion activism even tough she's celebrating such controversial designs from Gareth Pugh for example but what's the goal ?

Anonymous said...

Im sure beyonce will be losing alot of sleep because MR Style is not supporting "beyonce new fashion activism".. Whats the Goal? why does there have to be a goal? she is a young girl that obviously loves fashion, and she supports young talent, whats wrong with that. Pleeeeeeease give it a rest and Stop Hating..

Anonymous said...

haha how funny, yo best friend mister abdul lagerfield seems to be thinking the opposite.

Anonymous said...

"your best friend mister abdul seems to be thinking the opposite" ha ha.. How old are u 5? In case you did not realize Mr abdul lagerfield and Jeaniuss are two diferent people, hence they can have different views the fact that there best friends doesnt mean that they have to like the same things

Jeaniuss said...

i <3 u anony-mous

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