Saturday, January 31, 2009

J'adore Karl Lagerfeld

I have to say that Karl Lagerfeld does not sease to amaze he shows us a
spring summer collection that is somewhat ok nothing special at all, then
he shows us that he has found a new way to express himself in the old old
yes people very old and timeless CASA DA CHANEL. The head peaces. In his
pre-fall collection they were to die die die for. Please some one tell me
that he will find a way to get those in stores and on the little heads of
little super muses from every colour all over the world.

And then he shows us the ever so perfect couture...With Simple and girly
white and black and white dresses that remind you just a little bit of
Gareth Pugh's spring summer collection. ( I'm sorry i had to say it)
but at the same time I looks Very Very Chanel. Props Karl way to make us
want Chanel again This year!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Im tired tired tired...
but there was yet nother day and more shows Kristina was back in action
and we had a whole scedual of shows to do.



Guess who missed lanvin becouse he partied way to hard at PONYSTEP!

Later that day the COLD is not made for me so I changed in to Marios Schwab!

Monday, January 26, 2009


Kristina was to sick to funtion and i was getting to know what
your body does when you do not rest.
So started my day at 17.00 and at Damir Doma.

Lets do plastic!
a vintage 60's coat
vintige shirt
april 77 pants
and Herodus K-swiss

Damir Doma
Emanuel Ungaro
Petar Petrov
Jeroen van Tuyl
Representing the dutch together with Victor&Rolf Lucas ossendrijver and

In Victor&Rolf at Ponystep




Juun J.

Schedule for the day:
Thierry Muglar
rick owens
Juun J.
Kris van assche
Raf simons

Outfit of the day:

Spotted outside of Rick Owens

Heels black Zara you know the ones i am talking about
Black rubber pants from Zara
Vintage shirt black with white collar
Black vintage THierry Muglar jacket
XXL scarf and my one black pearl earring

I got up late!! And was suppose to meet Kristina at Thierry at 12.00.
Running there I met Ida and her Sister in the metro and we went
together. Ones i got there I found Kristina and I sat down right
next to her. As she was telling me she didn't feel so good the show
Next up Rick Owens where we ran into a film crew who had been filming
the day before a Louis Vuiton as well they kept filming me and asking me
questions about what I was wearing and how long it must have taken to get
dressed. Getting to see (because yes we got in) the Rick Ownes show was a first.
I don't think it could have been more perfect the location, the lights,
the models maby it could have ben better if i had been standing in a
better spot. Good friend and Colleague Jan Clemens Hook owner of the L'emprese
stores in The Netherlands that sell brands such as; Balenciaga, Givency, Marios
Schwab And Jill Sander arrived from Holland to accompany me to Kris van assche, cerutti, Givency, Raf simons. Meeting him outside of Kris van Assche was quit the delite and seeing the show was equealy Fun.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Louis Vuitton

Sil Bruinsma Make-up artist extraordinaire invited me to
help him and his team out back stage at louis Vuitton.

Jean-Paul he said; Hi how are you? i replied; good and he said;
I have a question for you, are you going to fashion week?
I said; I don't think so. I'm kind of broke. He said;
well what would you say to one day of fashion week?
Helping out back stage at Louis vuitton, you coud even
prolong your return ticket and stay loger. He didn't have to
ask me twice.

Getting up early on a rainy wensday to get ready and go
back stage at Louis Vuitton was quit a treat a day
filled with "top" male models. Allot of clothes and
none other then Marc Jacobs. Boys, girls and everything
in between or beyond what can I say.

We got up at 8.15 in the morning to be on time
and be there before the models would get there.
For some reason i always though that back stage at a
fashion show it would be a fun party filled with
champagne clothes models and hair and make up but there
is so much more.

All of the above and a buck load of stress and people running
around for hours before the show even starts.

When models started to arrive i was a bit surprised by all
of the male superness that walked in. but sinds it wa m job
to get all the models into make up on time and as soon as
they came in i didnt even get the chance to really talk, chill
or at times make a good picture of them.

I won't tell you eveything becouse there are loads of things
you should find out for yourself just know this models are people
so expect then to be black that way they can colour them selfs
if you colour a model gold don't be shocked when he is bronze.

Later that eavening i went to have a little look at the Hendrik
Vibskov show where i met up with most of the fashion week crowed

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Going to bed at 3 in the morning to catch a train at 8.30 isn't
the smartest thing to do but i managed both my bags packed making
sure i had everything and i was on my way.

I got to the train on time and i ran into a model and friend Koos who
kept me company all the way to Paris.

Day one in Paris lets meet up with some friends see the city and get
ready a good 5 days filled with mode mode and mode.

I will follow you....

this pas week has been magic! I've been invited to some shows
here in Amsterdam and have been asked to host some parties.
Tonight I'm performing, and tomorrow I'm off to Paris. Friday
and Saturday i followed round a great friend of mine. well
followed round i just happened to go to A Talent night where
young curatives were able to show what they had to figures in
the fashion, Photography and marketing industry.

People go there to hope to get noticed and get a job out of it.
there was allot of talk about new Media as well. But the longer it
lasted the more stupid the questions that got asked were all together
i had the feeling most people were there for a complete other reason then
the night was organized. It was a good way to sit with your pears other
then the teachers at school and show them what your capable of and
get some wise advice. Check and for her