Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hair CUT CUT!!

This week I decided it was ones again time for something new
New hair for a new year!

So I went to my hair dresser TOMMY and i did my hair.
I told him what I had in mind he told me what he had in mind
and i allowed him to do what he does best.

He cut my hair and here is a preview.


Anonymous said...

Its very cool...very JP! Loves it!

MR style said...

well i thought u would go for somethin like a mohawk or dread locks or blonde hair !! but it does remind me of someone singing " la vie en rose " !!

Anonymous said...

I LIKE IT ALOT.... just thinking of you toda, i miss jeanpaul x mui

PersonalShopper said...

As usual, Bitch you look fierce !!!!!!!



PR said...

que BELLE!

no-more-wire-hangers said...

you look nothing short of fantastic darling xx


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