Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I will follow you....

this pas week has been magic! I've been invited to some shows
here in Amsterdam and have been asked to host some parties.
Tonight I'm performing, and tomorrow I'm off to Paris. Friday
and Saturday i followed round a great friend of mine. well
followed round i just happened to go to A Talent night where
young curatives were able to show what they had to figures in
the fashion, Photography and marketing industry.

People go there to hope to get noticed and get a job out of it.
there was allot of talk about new Media as well. But the longer it
lasted the more stupid the questions that got asked were all together
i had the feeling most people were there for a complete other reason then
the night was organized. It was a good way to sit with your pears other
then the teachers at school and show them what your capable of and
get some wise advice. Check meothecat.net and meothecat.net/blog for her


Jan said...

<3 mylou...fantastic mylou



Rosa said...

BTW I met your muse at the patrovski & ramone party. she is lovely!