Sunday, November 23, 2008

Friday, B-day, D-day

Waking up at 9 to be on time for my stepfathers birthday wasn't easy
it wasn't the cold that stopped me just fact that this day was going
to be extremely long!

we got there on time as my mother was getting ready we had to Wait
for an aunt of mine and went to the cemetery pay our last respects and
as we were about to walk back to our cars it started raining and hailing
and snowing so hard.

Getting back home was a complete different ball game it took as 2 hours.
when back home i had to run out to get the last things i needed for roisin
murphy and sonny's birthday party that i had been planning all week.

Meeting up with sonny running round the city going home to get my clothes
and then going to Jsn's place for some take out Italian and gift swapping.

Off to Rosin it was the concert was overall boring we missed half an hour of
HERCVLEZ and love affair whom are amazing and i was very disappointed we
missed out on that. Rosin came on looking beautiful just like she always
does the stage was a bit to large for her performance so she did half of it
one side and went off stage afther 4 songs to change it took here 7 minutes...
i wast so disappointed and annoyed by the crowd that i left early.

we arrived 2 hours late at Sonny's own birthday party but nevertheless had
an amazing time! A big thnk you to everyone who came a made it possible!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Untitled; im sorry By Nick Knight.

by Nick Knight

Browsing around I found this little movie made by Nick Knight and
Naomi Campbell. I guess the industry is waking up...
but there is a hundreds of black, Asian, Arab, and Indian models out
there are all our eyes wide shut?! Read it and weep...

by Nick Knight



last week was a good week now what will this week bring...
Rosin Murphy and after Sonny's birthday...
a little bit of acting on Saturday and million dollar kids on
Saturday evening. Doesn't seem like much does it lets just
wait and see what happens.

"Chanel Unlimited"

Chanel realeased a new line of bags and accessories under the label
"Chanel Unlimited".

The bags are made of a "glossy gray canvas material." They're plastered
in not just one, but many logos."

You can have hobos, clutches, mini and maxi bags, even a large garment
bag littered with words like "Coco," "Paris," "31 Rue Cambon," and of
course, "Chanel." They feature "exquisite details" like inside pockets,
leather reinforcements and invisible zip fastenings. Details that are,
you know, so hard to find in other purses.

So there are like Gucci with Chanel's name allover them.

Karl, how could you...Coco would never.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Light and Shade"

Vogue Italia November 2008
"Light and Shade"
Models: Anja Rubik & Mariacarla Boscono
Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier


It seems USSR VOGUE isn't just stepping up its game but really making its self
noticed! even though were not able to read it. We can still look at it.
Look at this. NAOMI CAMPBELL ones more on the cover and if we could define a
FIERCE, FEROSHA and more then ever JEANIUS shoot. Another beauty shot on
the cover just the way it should be on the cover of VOGUE. Russia is stepping
up its game!

But note even though it might seem they are doing better lately this want the
first time they did NAOMI.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Find me in the shadow of the sun...

I'm at a point in my life where what i do today defines
on what i be able to do tomorrow. What to do and say at the
right moment and time always seems a trick. Being myself
seems to be the answer.

I've posted quit a few blogs on what people think of
me and the way people see me. But how do i look at myself?
how do i see myself. I have different perspective overall.
I seem to disagree with the overall norm of how to do certain
things. I don't think school has to be the answer to everything
just like having years of experience doesn't mean you can always
do a good enough job.

Go to art school and become a designer an artist. go to bossiness
school and become an entertainer. I say look at Yves Saint Laurent
and make an attempt to try and keep up.

This passed week has been quit impressive. Its been fun, hard
and overall difficult. Doing some shoots, filming, shopping
and a hell of allot of work. So no complaints form me.

This week I've been meeting friends form all over old friends
and new ones. seeing allot of some people and running into some
people i rarely or never get to see. I've learned quit a few things
about people that i thought a knew and gotten to know thing about
people i didn't know very well and found out i dint know at all.

As much as i am an open person and know that i am more then willing
to read an open book with an open mind i find it very easy to reach
a certain conclusion, meaning if you act a certain way expecting the
people around you to either join in do the same or be with you every
step you take think twice. My mother always told me i was born alone
and alone i will die. People tend to make chooses in there lives
and it is up to you if you want to join in and follow or make your
own choice and stand by this.

Sex drugs and rock and role...there is more to life.
You choose who you have sex with you choose if you take drugs or not
and if all your friends do the same or none of them do. Don't feel
alone, or scared. don't get agree or feel betrayed. The main reason
we are friends is based on what we do, what we mean and how much we
actually care about one another and oneanother's values.

for few friends i put my hand in a giant mountain of needles
Enough sentimental shite...

Lets get down to fashion...

Sunday, November 16, 2008



remember when we used to go out evry week
and once a month we did out best to look good
actualy buying or making a new outfit for
M.U.L.T.I.S.E.X.I i miss that...


"Let there be light"
Lilly in spring summer 2009
Photography: Nick Knight
Styling: Jonathan Kaye
Model: Lily Donaldson
for V-magazine V57


For those who missed it.

Coco Rocha in NYC, May 2008


artists who contributed, they weren’t the obvious choices and their work isn’t the kind normally seen on clothing. The list is a mix of creative individuals: musicians, filmmakers, painters, fashion designers, twelve in all.

Karl Lagerfeld, René Lacoste, sketched a portrait of him; the crocodile,
which was Mr. Lacoste’s nickname, serves as his left eye.
Michael Stipe offered a photograph he took of the audience at one of his
Pedro Almodóvar worked with the art director Juan Gatti, who designs
his title sequences, on a collage of his films.
David Byrne, who loves Las Vegas, decided on a map of the city that runs
from heart to liver.
The artist Thomas Ruff sent in an image of the Grand Canyon that, curiously,
comes into focus only from far away.
Thomas Demand, who builds life-size models of interiors and exteriors, then photographs the construction before destroying it, used an image of artificially
lit paper leaves to create an effect that looks almost like camouflage.
Phil Poynter, who shoots the Lacoste ads, photographed Angela Lindvall in a
pool—the photo makes the shirt look as if it were underwater too.
Peter Lindbergh offered one of his more iconic images—a shot of Linda Evangelista
from a 1988 Comme des Garçons ad campaign.
The artist T.J. Wilcox used one of his striking, color-drenched collages that
were shown at Metro Pictures gallery last fall.
Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin collaborated with the graphic design team M/M
(Paris) to produce a nude image overlaid with psychosexual doodles.
Photographer and SHOWstudio founder Nick Knight sent in an image of an exploding flower.
Richard Phillips, painted Coco Rocha.

Photography Matthu Placek
Styling Keegan Singh

Source: Visionaire


This shoot Feels AMAZING its not so much the styling.
It all seems work. the way the Pictures have been taken
the cloths, the colours and the Model. A necessary visual
change up that screams; past, present and future!

Photography; Karl Lagerfeld
Styling; Charlotte Stockdale
Model; Raquel Zimmermann

This story appears in V56 so don't min the Cover and just
Buy buy buy!

source: V-magazine

Friday, November 14, 2008


I cant wait till her next perforance!!



As i promised here is the update...

Dorian Corey
Pepper LaBeija
Willi Ninja
Octavia St. Laurent
Angie Xtravaganza
Venus Xtravaganza

all the names written above had the main focus in " PARIS IS BURNING "
but what happened when the camera stopped filming and life continues did
they get recognition did there dream come true? did they survive?

Dorian Corey; Dorian died of AIDS in New York, 29 August 1993.
After Corey's death, the mummified body of Robert Worley (aka Robert Wells),
was found in Corey's belongings with a gunshot wound to the head

Pepper LaBeija; Pepper Suffered from diabetes for many years and had both feet amputated before dying of a heart attack in New York, May 14 2003

Willi Ninja; The most successful of all the characters. The movie served as a springboard for Willi. He parlayed his appearance into performances with a
number of dance troupes and choreography gigs. His style served as an
inspiration to Madonna, who used it in her 1990 hit song and music video
"Vogue." Willi was a featured dancer in many music videos including Malcolm
McLaren's "Deep In Vogue" and "I Can't Get No Sleep" by Masters At Work
featuring India. In 1994, he released his single "Hot" (another Masters At
Work production) on Nervous Records. Willi's later career included runway
modeling for Jean-Paul Gaultier, performing with dance companies under Karole
Armitage, providing instruction to Paris Hilton on perfecting her walk.
He opened a modeling agency, Elements of Ninja, in 2004, and made an
appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show. Willi was also prominently featured in
the 2006 documentary release How Do I Look directed by Wolfgang Busch.
Ninja died of AIDS-related heart failure in New York City on September 2, 2006.

Octavia St. Laurent; Octavia is the only one that is still alive. She was
featured in the 2003 release of the documentary How Do I Look, she was using
the name Heavenly Angel Octavia St. Laurent Manolo Blahnik.
She discusses her drug use, sex work, and fight with AIDS

Angie Xtravaganza; Angie/Anji Xtravaganza died in New York at age 27 from an AIDS-related liver disease

Venus Xtravaganza; Died in 1989.According to her drag mother
Anji Xtravaganza, Venus Xtravaganza was found strangled and stuffed
under the bed in a New York hotel in 1989. Her body was discovered by
a stranger four days after her death.

Beyond Belief

Damien Hirst

For the love of god.

Lullaby Spring.

In May 2007, Beyond Belief, an exhibition of Hirst's new work, opened at the White Cube gallery in London. The centre-piece, a Memento Mori titled For the Love of God, is a human skull recreated in platinum and adorned with 8,601 diamonds weighing a total of 1,106.18 carats. Approximately £15,000,000 worth of diamonds were used. It was modelled on an 18th century skull, but the only surviving human part of the original is the teeth.

In June 2007, Hirst gained the auction record for the most expensive work of art by a living artist — his Lullaby Spring, a 3 metre (10 ft) wide steel cabinet with 6,136 pills, sold for 19.2 million dollars to Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, the Emir of Qatar.

The asking price for For the Love of God was £50,000,000 ($100 million or 75 million euros). It didn't sell outright,[32] and on 30 August 2008 was sold to a consortium that included Hirst himself and his gallery White Cube

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Series one
Next month fragrance company Symrise -in collaboration with creative agency Metaproject and Joseph Quartana of Seven New York -will release the fragrance colection 'Six Scents', six new fragrances created by
Gareth Pugh;Diagonal,
Bernhard Willhelm;Wickon 3000,
Jeremy Scott;illicit sex,
Alexandre Herchcovitch;Urban tropicalia,
Cosmic Wonder Light Source;The spirit of wood,
Preen; Teen spirit.
The 'Six Scents' project has been founded to raise money for our first creative International HIV/AIDS Awareness Education Center, to be opened in Antwerp Belgium next year.

It will be sold globaly in exlusive shops such as;
collete Paris France || Seven New York ||Reborn, Montreal, Canada
All over japan and in all the Alexandre Herchcovitch in brazil.

source; six scents

Saturday, November 8, 2008


New york 1987
Paris Is Burning 1990 documentary directed by Jennie Livingston

"I remember
My dad telling me you have 3 strikes against you in this wold
every black man has 2. That their just black and male. But your black,
and your male, and your gay and your gonna have a hard fucking time.
He said if your gonna do this your gonna have to be stronger then you
ever imagine."

"Get off the floor, Get off the floor.
Learn it and Learn it will."

the 2 opening lines and to be best quotes through out this movie.
i have to say its not so much about fashion or dance other then it
is about being gay in a certain time in New York.
throughout the movie there way of life is explained there dreams
are spoken of.

Like they say
This movie is about the "ball" circuit.

The movie features Dorian Corey, Pepper LaBeija, Willi Ninja,
Octavia St. Laurent, Angie Xtravaganza and Venus Xtravaganza.
The movie is mostly about how its subjects deal with the
adversity of racism, homophobia and poverty. In the end, an
open end. You have no idea what happens with all of the different
characters or there dreams except for Venus Xtravaganza.
Sins most of my friends read my blog i will update on how
most of there lives ended up.

I don't want to type to much about this movie. Just Go see it!
just like i will see it again.

Dutch Fashion Awards.

Aynouk Tan Fashion icon 2008

Yesterday me and Majid attended the Dutch fashion awards
which proved to be a long agonising investment in dutch
fashion. An award ceremony that this country needs and that
shows we have potential. but if the outcome is as just,
that seems to be another Question. making sure that not only
the designers but the whole industry including the stylists
and media understood that we need a boost not only creative
wise but also in our state of mind. One the international
judge's asked the dutch fashion industry to "step up" as she
so lightly put it.

After all the runway shows. At the ceremony they elect
a best dressed man and woman this was presented by an
actor who couldn't pronounce the name of the Dutch designer
he was wearing. Sins the best man wasn't a shock to me
and wasn't at all what i think just. i will only post
best female who did not only win but also made a statement
worth remembering.

shown here not just asking everyone to step up there fashion
game but making people hear her by making sure they
understood what she was talking about not just dressing up for
the event that took place but dressing up everyday! thus making
this country more of a fashion forward place to live and create.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Majid, Sonny, Aynouk, Marco and myself had a little talk
after an opening we went to today check sonny's blog he
will post that.

We had an amazing talk about dutch fashion and out position
in it. About how the current situation in our sober country.
that doesn't seem to know anything about fashion what so ever.
you would think that in an open minded country like our little
Holland where we have prostitutes and drugs you would be able
to walk down the street in what ever you want to wear without
having people coming after you or just plain screaming at you.

Questions were asked, questions like;"do we believe in dutch
fashion?"," do we believe in dutch fashion designers?",
" do we believe that this little country can handle international
fashion?". different magazines here in Holland are loosing the
interest of the fashion in crowd making the boring or irrelevant.
And other magazines are stopping completely. Allot of different
answers were given. because we shared some opinions and other
times we didn't share the same opinion at all.

Looking at magazines not just nationally but internationally is
vogue still in power if so who still buys it and why?
What about magazines like self service and purple they
seem to get allot of attention lately and not in a bad way at all
look at Visionaire's masterpiece V-magazine.

Made in Holland, we have great arctics and interior designers.
but what about our designers, Victor and Rolf whom don't
even have a store in The Netherlands, spijkers and spijkers what
else do we have to offer is this enough and if so should we
support them with all that we can?

Should we make this country a fashion country by spending all
our time trying to better it? and if so how? and why?

it was one of the best talks we had as a group in a long time
and sitting there seeing the hopelessness and hope most some of
us made me think.

We started by ordering drinks and toasting our new president
cause no matter how you turn in America is the worlds police
state and who becomes president there has influence on all of

This made clearer to me that fashion and politics as i believe
have more to do with each other then most people want to believe.
1 of us spoke about wanting to build a fashion base in the
Netherlands the other said to have been trying to do that for
the past 5 years and is giving up without hope. the other said
after all the No's and we can't sell WOW how much longer do
people expect us to go abroad be able to do work there and come
back because they believe in you then and do it here. The
Netherlands to us is like most countries are to lots of other
people we have the capital and some other
cities where you can dress up go out and have stuff to do.
we can dress our self the way we would normally do and go wherever
and do whatever People here will let you know your strange weird
or not welcome. and that's just talking about the people who have
no direct link to fashion whats-o-ever. there are tuns of people
in the fashion industry here
who keep the mass as were calling it. Dumb! magazines like the Elle
girl who were actually doing good educating our younger generation
with the who is who and from then on choosing what you like. up
against people who just want to make an extra buck in a way that is
fashion degrading we have had numerous fashion makeover TV shows for
the mass and they are still doing it now. lots of money zero creativity.
making is farmer understand MARGIELA, Balenciaga or even something as
simple as Dsqueared seems to be impossible to some of us but to other
the reason why they are here.

At a certain point my best friend Sonny (A.K.A the optimist) said and
asked;"i have a bad time looking at things in a negative i feel there
are always things we can work with. " after he asked " You seem so
negative about The Netherlands do you believe in our countries Creatives
at all?"

coming form Sonny this question was a bit of a shock but not a surprise
I do believe in what we have to offer but if we have to stay in Holland
fight till there is no one els to fight and start fighting again to try
and make farmers understand " La MODE" is something els. i want to see the
world so i am not scared of doing what i want to do with my life abroad.
I feel this country has offered the world great Art in architecture in
interior and furniture design look at Rembrandt and van Gogh.
we have designers that are working all over the world yes we are
a fashion country in allot of ways but never the less people do not stay

Lucas Ossendrijver amazing at Lanvin, Wilbert Das at diesel
Both working abroad. We have amazing Photographers bast or
from the Netherlands all over the world, great makeup artists
working more abroad then here. Holland also has a great mass of Models
but every agency knows if our want your model to work he/she
does not stay here.

I want to tank Majid, Aynouk, Sonny and Marco.

Picture: Butt magazine
published and printed in The Netherlands, available world-wide.

im gooing to post all the diffrent oppinions on my Blogg.

Somethimes is sooooo extremely difficult to stay optimistic
about a country that sells awnsers like: " That's too mutch
fashion, Maybe that's too dark, That's too conceptual". Now
I'm only talking about the fashion incrowd let alone al the
Farmers and Lame unknowing people. The main thought in my
head is: "Just keep breathing untill you get there (out of
the Netherlands)". Yes I think we can put a lot of efford
in this country, but do we really want that and more important,
Does thsi Country want that?

Majid Karrouch,Stylist


The Curtains are down but the show isn't over yet.

Its the 5th of November 2008.
The first black president in the history of the USA
has be elected. to many a great achievement and a Major
step forward in most race issues internationally.

As a black man, as an European baste black man who was born
in the former center of slave trading for the world. I must
say that i am very delighted and joyful because of this.

As a human been i think and hope that true Obama being
president the wold will change for the better.

Last weekend me and my friends had dinner at a friends house
it was a very nice idea sins we don't do this enough.
i think we had dinner with the 9 of us and 2 other
people arrived later. we had a great meal and for the one
reason or the other we started to talk about politics.
being that most of us sitting as this table were fashion
people i expected the conversation to die out before it could
get anywhere near being meaningful. To my surprise 2 guys that were
sitting in front of me kept the conversation going long enough
for me to reach a point where i had to stop talking.I can't blame
my friends for not being interested or not caring.

I believe that what i am going to do with my life will have
meaning not just in the group that i seem to be put in because
i look a certain way.Or am interested in certain things. I refuse
the see things in black and white but i am realistic enough
to know that no everything is a sweet dream.
I truly believe that fashion is more then, what trend are we
doing now,how much money can we make, or how will we be able to
provoke the mass now basics. In a speech given by Pierre Berge not
to long ago he said "not to know if fashion was art". It largely
depends on the definition of art. I believe that in his early and best
years Yves Saint Laurent was an artist juts like Christian Dior,
Mademoiselle Chanel and Cristobal Balenciaga before him.
its one thing to create a dress its another to create a new silhouette.

today everyone is into politics making it mode. making it the "IT"
subject of the moment for many its everyday and for America it should
have been the "IT" subject at least for the past 8 years. For everyone who
loves policies today. I hope your prepared for the upcoming 4 to 8 years
i hope your ready for tomorrow.

Photo: Hedi Slimane

Monday, November 3, 2008



1 Question 10 Designers

Illustrations by Mickey Duzyj.

here you have a few pictures of designers that i like.
they answered to the question; With the global economy
in a "transitional" state, how do you think fashion will
change in the year ahead.

Thom Browne
"I don't know what the future of men's fashion will
be like. I just hope that everyone does their own
thing… Because that is what I'm going to do."

Raf Simons
"It will be a reality check. It will be creativity
versus reality. Can they meet in this moment?
How will they meet? But in any case, even in this
climate, we have to give the audience beauty and
something to be excited about and something that
stimulates. Enough reasons already to think dark."

Dries Van Noten
"We could hope that the current sartorial individualist
attitude of men's dressing will continue. Yet what
was almost exclusively sharp, angular, and urbane
may now be beginning to melt ever so slightly around
the edges. There may, in parallel, even be a subtle
slide toward the conceptual."

"Most people don't feel the pain directly, and hope to
being able to keep leading the shopping life they do.
I'm hoping designers will follow there journey in there own
creativity if this causes to make clothes cheaper then so
be it. Men that buy higher end brands spend that extra penny
anyway so i say create make it great and never less Jeaniuss"

Source: MENS

Grace Jones NEVER LEFT!

Are your ready?

I have waited for this ever sins i found a picture of my mother
with a high top fade. my father had a book on here and after
loosing my fear i started to ask question's. He had a crush on
her. She never got forgotten and she never will be.
She is the The one and only Grace Jones.


9 tracks shortest being almost four minutes and longest a little
bit longer then six and a half minutes. Her album is exactly what
i expected it to be i like it very much!

Sonny "Abdul Lagerfield" Groo

Meeting you over 2 years ago wasn't just coincidence
I love you more each day we spend together and, i care
for you like a real friend should. I hope the world is
ready for us and all we have to offer.

For all the up coming collaborations Sonny, myself and our
soon to be blogged to death third link Majid Karrouch will
bring you.The shoots we have done and have planned for the
up coming months, MYKROMAG, and our Exclusive invite only party.
Be prepared!

Above some pictures we made in Palais de Tokyo during fashion week.