Monday, November 3, 2008

1 Question 10 Designers

Illustrations by Mickey Duzyj.

here you have a few pictures of designers that i like.
they answered to the question; With the global economy
in a "transitional" state, how do you think fashion will
change in the year ahead.

Thom Browne
"I don't know what the future of men's fashion will
be like. I just hope that everyone does their own
thing… Because that is what I'm going to do."

Raf Simons
"It will be a reality check. It will be creativity
versus reality. Can they meet in this moment?
How will they meet? But in any case, even in this
climate, we have to give the audience beauty and
something to be excited about and something that
stimulates. Enough reasons already to think dark."

Dries Van Noten
"We could hope that the current sartorial individualist
attitude of men's dressing will continue. Yet what
was almost exclusively sharp, angular, and urbane
may now be beginning to melt ever so slightly around
the edges. There may, in parallel, even be a subtle
slide toward the conceptual."

"Most people don't feel the pain directly, and hope to
being able to keep leading the shopping life they do.
I'm hoping designers will follow there journey in there own
creativity if this causes to make clothes cheaper then so
be it. Men that buy higher end brands spend that extra penny
anyway so i say create make it great and never less Jeaniuss"

Source: MENS

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We love jil sander and love everything that he creates! So also his statements! said...

ok have to correct myself! we love Raf simons, hehe