Sunday, November 23, 2008

Friday, B-day, D-day

Waking up at 9 to be on time for my stepfathers birthday wasn't easy
it wasn't the cold that stopped me just fact that this day was going
to be extremely long!

we got there on time as my mother was getting ready we had to Wait
for an aunt of mine and went to the cemetery pay our last respects and
as we were about to walk back to our cars it started raining and hailing
and snowing so hard.

Getting back home was a complete different ball game it took as 2 hours.
when back home i had to run out to get the last things i needed for roisin
murphy and sonny's birthday party that i had been planning all week.

Meeting up with sonny running round the city going home to get my clothes
and then going to Jsn's place for some take out Italian and gift swapping.

Off to Rosin it was the concert was overall boring we missed half an hour of
HERCVLEZ and love affair whom are amazing and i was very disappointed we
missed out on that. Rosin came on looking beautiful just like she always
does the stage was a bit to large for her performance so she did half of it
one side and went off stage afther 4 songs to change it took here 7 minutes...
i wast so disappointed and annoyed by the crowd that i left early.

we arrived 2 hours late at Sonny's own birthday party but nevertheless had
an amazing time! A big thnk you to everyone who came a made it possible!!


Mademoiselle C. said...

I hope you guys had a good time, the cake looks lovely. Dit you went to mike's b-bash?

Anonymous said...

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