Monday, December 1, 2008


No no its not fashion week yet but yes i find myself in PARIS
my Good friend KRISTINA booked me for a shoot for her NEW MAGAZINE! that funny enough i still
Do not knot the name of!

Ok lets start at the beginning friday familie form italie arrived
really late at night and sins i had been moving all my stuff to my
new apptment. i was Dead tired and couldn't pack my bag for PARIS
they left round 2 in the morning and i finaly started packing now
let me explain the following my ticked was booked for me and i was
suppose to take a train to paris at 9.26 in the moring and i put my
alarm on my phone at 8.00 so i could have enough time my phone is an
hour in front so i am sure i will ot be late...:( but i forgot this
so my allarm went at 7 and i slept right trough it! i woke up Shocked and
stupified Got my stuff togetter and ran to the station to book a ticket
for the next train to leave to Paris. The next train would leave at 13.26
so i had to w8 all this time. Sinds the trip taked 4 hours i arrived in
Paris at 17.30...

well i arived brought my stuff the AMAZING MAGALIE from DIRTYGLAM who
offered me a place to stay! and i went to bed!

First day here and i woke up way to urly took a shower and got ready for
the shoot left on time and met up with Kristina at GAR de l'Est went to
the studio and we could begin she had a whole team thee to make me look
All that more fabulous. Later our good friend RAY arrived and the shoot
turned out to be better then i thought it would be all i expected was to
do what i always do in front of a camara but i did so much more and it
took so much longer so as soon as i can i will let you know how it turend out...

For now i have to run run run...willget back to you asap.


christopher desu said...

I love your style boy. Keep it coming! I live in Tokyo and work as a fashion stylist also. You need to come shopping here. It's the best! Love your photos <3 xx Chrisdesu.

MR style said...

ps : Jean-Paul even got naked !!!!.but that's a secret :)

Acl said...

Amazing outfit!
Love it!