Sunday, December 7, 2008

Paris part 2!

Day 2!
The shoot for LURVE magazine.
It took us forever but we sure got amazing work done.
The shoot started off a little bit uneasy but as soon
as i turned on some music of my own it went much better
and faster then i thought.

Its very important if your a stylist that is modeling to not
give your opinion and just be the manikin but Kristina did
s great job getting brands together and making it work.

The shoot went quit fist i flew trough the outfits and make up.

Sins the magazine is coming out in march i wont be able to show
any images not back stage pictures. We'll all just have to wait
and see. we were done quit late so all i did was go home and in
stead of going out i went straight to bed.

The day after!
People wake up and find themselves in Paris i think almost every day
people from all over the world travel to the City of love and find
themselves in a huge museum because really the whole city is a

I woke up quit late because with the cold and the rain there was
no reason to wake up early. put in some clothes and went out on the
town i passed by all the basic shop's i always pass enjoyed the city
for as much as the weather would allow me to so in and out of shops
i went. Bonjour et au revoir i was suppose to meet up with Ray and
Kristina at 5 at Collete.

round that time i got a call telling me to meet then there at 19.00
due to some misunderstanding Kristina didn't show but Daravone did.
the night at Collete wasn't very special but i did have allot of fun
drinking and having a laugh.

Pic: Grace Jones By Jeanius


Acl said...

Weeeee, can't wait till it's march to see the pics!!!

MR style said...

im so excited about seein the final shots

Daravone S. said...

you cant handle me