Thursday, December 4, 2008

Up date on November!!

November has been the busiest month!! I had so much to do
that i found myself doing somethings with half a mind or 80
in stead of 100% with allot of shoots MYKRO and moving
i found myself quit lost a few times. But never the less
a great month that ended better then i could have imagined!

here the update,

End of last month Majid and myself got hold of tickets for the
Dollhouse by Victor & Rolf an amazing expo that looks back on
the even more amazing collections that the designers have made
over the years. It was a very impressive overview that that shooed
in a JEANIUS way Calling it doll house was one thing putting the
clothes on huge dolls another but actually building a huge dollhouse
and filling it with there best work was amazing! the house was huge
and the clothes and the Details AMAZING Victor & Rolf have been
outdoing themselves ever sins they started but this was truly a
new and very inspirational way of showing the art that is .

The only thing that i found rather well disappointing is that they didn't
show there latest collection.

foto by: love-aesthetics


christopher desu said...

Love Viktor and Rolf. That's such a shame they didnt have their collection on show.

Amazing outfit too. x

Anonymous said...

love your outfits hotstuff ^_^* mui

Loren said...

Ha I've got the same shoes!
Good choice!