Wednesday, December 10, 2008

DiscoBall Death

Belive it or not!

Monday night wile attending the birthday party of a friend
i had the best of fun a little dancing a little drinking and
sins the party started early i intended to go home early and
before the clock could hit midnight and i could run home. I was
dancing with the birthday girl whom sonny and myself had given
a present I designed myself. "It happened".

A disco ball, yes people nothing other that that ball of glitz
and sparkle fell from a part of the sealing that wasn't to high

and hit me on the left side of my forehead right on my face and
hit the ground after, i thought Ooooh my god this did not just
happen to me. I turned round and started laughing so HARD, turned round
to feel what that liquid was that was running over my face to find
it wasn't sweat my hand was all red. Not only did a disco ball hit me
in the head it had scrapped my face and cut me open.

Photo: Hedi Silmane

1 comment:

no-more-wire-hangers said...

aww boo thats fucking awful! hope youre ok! THAT is definitely a story hehehehe

fyt ;-)