Tuesday, December 16, 2008

when i was younger...

All i wanted to do was grow up be older play with the adults
drink coffee and beer stay up late and watch scary movies.

I'm 22 years of age and did i grow up did i drink the coffee?
god knows i have had my share of the horror movies.

When i was younger i couldn't wait to grow up get a job and Marie
a pretty girl have children, a nice house and a nice car.
W wanted to become a professor and cure AIDS and Cancer.
No more WAR no more poverty no more evil in the world.
I guess my life turned out quit different.
When I was younger. I found myself dreaming most of the time what if?

Now that I am grown for as far as I can say that I am grown at the
age of 22 I wonder where all that time went. Can I still play round
or am i way passed that time and should I really be as busy as I am
with the rest of my life.

Why can't we all just stay young? have fun and be creative till a point
of no return till we reach a point of creative extreme where all you do is
use imagination. We all work hard and start working harder to fulfill our
dreams at a younger age. Makes you wonder is age nothing but a number?

I'm happy to See the line of age where you can or cant is getting thinner.
in many ways an amazing change and in some a less good change younger people
get to use there creativity and know how and younger people are abusing drugs
and alcohol.

when i was younger i wanted to world to hold hands and to wars to stop
I wanted to do good at school and make my parents proud I wanted to heal
the world and make it a better place. But as you grow older you seem to
understand at a certain point this could be early on or even very late that
the world we live in is what we together make of it and as much as people
seem to tell you one person can not make a difference you can.

become what ever you want as long as you stay true to yourself and are committed.