Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Next week i will air the second vid i did this week.
i called it Exposure.

I live in a world where there is no color there is black,
white and grey imagine.

I expose myself to light and dark and a bit of grey.
white being good (suger, spice and everything nice)
black ( evil, hate and wrong doing )
grey ( the inhumanity of our perfection in being only human)

Edited by Jean-Paul Paula Music by Jean-Paul Paula its a mix
of partes and pieces of Alice underground by Avril Lavigne And
Royksopp's the gril and the robot featuring Robin i'm very interested
in the emotions that come up wen this vid is being watched.
I choose the music to add a certain reaction of feeling.

Where are you Dorothy McGowan...

Qui êtes vous, Polly Maggoo? 1966 directed by William Klein.
Starring Dorothy McGowan

After the release of his film Who Are You, Polly Magoo?,
she disappeared from public view and apparently neither
acted nor modeled again, according to Klein.

this vid was edited by myself i also did the music
Ancestors by Bjork
Metal headpiece by Bibi van der velde

Click to view a little vid i made in tribute to Polly Magoo


here are some stilles from her new video.
its a mix of allot of things but when i first
saw the video Avatar is whats poped into
my mind remember when video's were all
about originality all about becoming a
persona worth looking up 2 i love this video
i lover her new sound and i hope this will
be the death of lady kaka
and her rain of fashion death

kelis has for a long time been the first to do.
in her lil' star video featuring cee-lo she
( together with Roisin Murphy at the time )
were the first 2 to wear Gareth Pugh.

Sinds these two icons of mine have both have children
and some time off i hope its time for them to return to
their Right full places as icons and continue to inspire.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010


sins your my new found sun and your far from
me ill wait till you can come and melt my snow...

Monday, March 22, 2010

end of an era

I hart robbie baauw





Saturday, March 20, 2010


And friend!? that RENE GLOOR!!

nicolas andreas taralis

First time i set my eyes on Nicolas he was the
head designer at CERUTTI i was blown away
by the collection he presented and was honored
to be able to wear a few of the pieces in a shoot
i did at the time with Sonny Groo.

I will keep my eyes on him because not only do
i love his work im very curious as to what the
future will hold for his collections.


Pix by charles.

More then just a style icon! charles guislain made these amazing pix!
Merci Charles J'adore!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Acne will be bringing out amazing shoes
and pieces in its next collection with allot of
leather and shoes working killing for
this so called is stepping up its game and
playing hard ball! keep your eyes.

pictures by marco van rijt.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Charles G.

He made some amazing pix of me here is some back stage!
Pix by Marco v. Rijt.

I miss Jonathan Waiter

shots made by Marit wile Jonathan and i were shooting
some tests for Nimue Smith.

Givenchy Summer Shoes i CRAVE!


Balenciaga’s first fragrance in twelve years, Balenciaga Paris.
The scent, which is powdery, light.

perfect for someone who doesn’t want to smell like they’re
wearing perfume.

featuring Charlotte Gainsbourg shot by Steven Meisel.

Birthday presents.


brighter side of me

Mood of today

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dark clouds

my mood today.


Monday, March 15, 2010


one day you think you have it all and the other your hart... crushed.


sonny groo

Paris i love you

Friday i made my way to paris at dawn
catching the early train to paris to be there all day.

One of the 2 brothers that design t-shirt Label
Ground Zero had asked me to style there new look
book. With finally finding the right model only the
night before. I was super relieved to arrive at the
location and find model Emma X. ready!

after 6 hours of over 40 looks allot of fun! and
a cold model we went for some dinner! photographer
Justin Wu his assistant make up artist Dasha and myself
ordered ahead because i had a train to catch!

ater a stressful taxi drive to Gar du nord (Im LATE!)
i finally found where to go to catch my train to LONDON
Foolishly leaving my phone at the bagage check.
and not finding out till awaking from a zombie like sleep
in london. ( the train got to london and the people in the
train thought i was dead because i didn't want to wake up.
after been repeatedly shaken and tapped. when they tried to
revive me i finally opened my eyes. i could see half of them were
disappointed! i found myself surrounded by staff members! LOL)

I was happy to find my welcoming comity waiting for me.

I still don't have my phone!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Phone less in london

The past few weeks have been heaven and hell
I lost my phone im in london now.

just celebrated my birthday and received priceless presents!
and lots of sweet messages on FB thank you everyone.

Sure hope i get my phone back!

Jp <3 Cs...


24 (twenty-four) is the natural number following
23 and preceding 25.

24 is the factorial of 4 and a composite number,
being the first number of the form 23q, where q
is an odd prime

It is the smallest number with exactly eight divisors:
1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, and 24. It is a highly composite
number, having more divisors than any smaller
number. Adding up all the proper divisors of 24
except 4 and 8 gives 24, hence 24 is a semiperfect

Subtracting one from any of its divisors (except
1 and 2, but including itself) yields a prime number.
24 is the largest number with this property, for to
have this property a number cannot be divisible
by a prime greater than three, nor can it be divisible
by 9 or 16.

24 has an aliquot sum of 36 and the aliquot sequence
(24,36,55,17,1,0). Twenty-four is only the aliquot sum
of one number the square 529.

There are 10 solutions to the equation φ(x) = 24, namely
35, 39, 45, 52, 56, 70, 72, 78, 84 and 90. This is more
than any integer below 24, making 24 a highly totient number.

24 is a nonagonal number. This number is also the sum
of a twin prime (11 + 13). It is a Harshad number and
a semi-meandric number.

Together with the number one, 24 is one of the few
numbers n for which the sum of μ(d)d2 over the
divisors d of n is equal to itself.

The product of any four consecutive numbers
is divisible by 24. This is because, among any
four consecutive numbers, there must be two
even numbers, one of which is a multiple of
four, and there must be a multiple of three.

In 24 dimensions there are 24 even positive definite
unimodular lattices, called the Niemeier lattices.
One of these is the exceptional Leech lattice which
has many surprising properties; due to its existence,
the answers to many problems such as the kissing
number problem and sphere packing are known in
24 dimensions but not in many lower dimensions.
The Leech lattice is closely related to the equally
nice length-24 binary Golay code and the Steiner
system S(5,8,24) and the Mathieu group M24.
One construction of the Leech lattice is possible
because of the remarkable fact that
12+22+32+...+242 =702 is a perfect square;
24 is the only integer greater than 1 with this
property. These properties of 24 are related
to the fact that the number 24 also appears
in several places in the theory of modular
forms; for example, the modular discriminant
is the 24th power of the Dedekind eta function.

The Barnes-Wall lattice contains 24 lattices.

24 is the highest number n with the property
that every element of the group of units
(Z/nZ)* of the commutative ring Z/nZ, apart
from the identity element, has order 2; thus
the multiplicative group
(Z/24Z)* = {1,5,7,11,13,17,19,23} is isomorphic
to the additive group (Z/2Z)3. This fact plays a
role in monstrous moonshine.

The 24-cell, with 24 octahedral cells and 24
vertices, is a self-dual convex regular 4-polytope;
it has no good 3-dimensional analogue.

For any prime p greater than
3, p2 − 1 is divisible by 24 with no remainder.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Photographer Alexander Sainsbury
Fashion editor Toby Grimditch
Model Ty / Nevs

victor&rolf fall 2010

Kristen McMenamy <3

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A few words between men.

-Mr fantastic; Be inspired!
-Boy wonder: I will!!

The Manipulator (1984-1994)
will see the light of day again in June 2010 when a new and longly awaited issue will be launched from Copenhagen. The 50×70cm grand magazine featured in its heydays handtinted images taken in Japanese brothels in the the late 1800s, sepia-toned shots of Spanish bullfighters and murky photographs from the albums of the Victorian Egyptologists.
words by Thorbjorn

Givenchy Fall 2010

Ai Tominaga <3