Thursday, March 18, 2010


Acne will be bringing out amazing shoes
and pieces in its next collection with allot of
leather and shoes working killing for
this so called is stepping up its game and
playing hard ball! keep your eyes.

pictures by marco van rijt.


fashion geek said...

wow so dark and mystic but so wonderful :)

Anonymous said...

U introduced me 2 it and I like this brand! It's my favorite jeans! :)

Anonymous said...

oh mmm scandinavian design!
- and oh so beautiful photos! maybe publish them in a bigger scale? :)

LIndsey Cochran said...

I'd love to post your photo of those incroyable Acne boots. Do you have any other shots you can share? When I lighten the image I can see the amazing design of the sole. I'd love to share other angles of it with my readers.