Tuesday, March 30, 2010


here are some stilles from her new video.
its a mix of allot of things but when i first
saw the video Avatar is whats poped into
my mind remember when video's were all
about originality all about becoming a
persona worth looking up 2 i love this video
i lover her new sound and i hope this will
be the death of lady kaka
and her rain of fashion death

kelis has for a long time been the first to do.
in her lil' star video featuring cee-lo she
( together with Roisin Murphy at the time )
were the first 2 to wear Gareth Pugh.

Sinds these two icons of mine have both have children
and some time off i hope its time for them to return to
their Right full places as icons and continue to inspire.


URANIA said...

Great ARTICLE i love IT!!

Anonymous said...

i am glad we are on the same page about this> Although I am still a fan of the Ladt herself. I do agree that Kelis was the 1st to really bring fashion and video togethe. I loved when she had the curly fro then cut it into the edgy one sided cut, but no one gave her credit. Then Rihinna did it ..UUUGGHHH!!! Whatever though Kelis is the shit@!!!!

La Lionne said...


Christine said...

I miss her curly fro tho! Her makeup is dope in this video also.. but good article and blog!



Naps said...

AAAAHHH Kélis!!!!!!
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