Monday, March 15, 2010

Paris i love you

Friday i made my way to paris at dawn
catching the early train to paris to be there all day.

One of the 2 brothers that design t-shirt Label
Ground Zero had asked me to style there new look
book. With finally finding the right model only the
night before. I was super relieved to arrive at the
location and find model Emma X. ready!

after 6 hours of over 40 looks allot of fun! and
a cold model we went for some dinner! photographer
Justin Wu his assistant make up artist Dasha and myself
ordered ahead because i had a train to catch!

ater a stressful taxi drive to Gar du nord (Im LATE!)
i finally found where to go to catch my train to LONDON
Foolishly leaving my phone at the bagage check.
and not finding out till awaking from a zombie like sleep
in london. ( the train got to london and the people in the
train thought i was dead because i didn't want to wake up.
after been repeatedly shaken and tapped. when they tried to
revive me i finally opened my eyes. i could see half of them were
disappointed! i found myself surrounded by staff members! LOL)

I was happy to find my welcoming comity waiting for me.

I still don't have my phone!

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