Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The Curtains are down but the show isn't over yet.

Its the 5th of November 2008.
The first black president in the history of the USA
has be elected. to many a great achievement and a Major
step forward in most race issues internationally.

As a black man, as an European baste black man who was born
in the former center of slave trading for the world. I must
say that i am very delighted and joyful because of this.

As a human been i think and hope that true Obama being
president the wold will change for the better.

Last weekend me and my friends had dinner at a friends house
it was a very nice idea sins we don't do this enough.
i think we had dinner with the 9 of us and 2 other
people arrived later. we had a great meal and for the one
reason or the other we started to talk about politics.
being that most of us sitting as this table were fashion
people i expected the conversation to die out before it could
get anywhere near being meaningful. To my surprise 2 guys that were
sitting in front of me kept the conversation going long enough
for me to reach a point where i had to stop talking.I can't blame
my friends for not being interested or not caring.

I believe that what i am going to do with my life will have
meaning not just in the group that i seem to be put in because
i look a certain way.Or am interested in certain things. I refuse
the see things in black and white but i am realistic enough
to know that no everything is a sweet dream.
I truly believe that fashion is more then, what trend are we
doing now,how much money can we make, or how will we be able to
provoke the mass now basics. In a speech given by Pierre Berge not
to long ago he said "not to know if fashion was art". It largely
depends on the definition of art. I believe that in his early and best
years Yves Saint Laurent was an artist juts like Christian Dior,
Mademoiselle Chanel and Cristobal Balenciaga before him.
its one thing to create a dress its another to create a new silhouette.

today everyone is into politics making it mode. making it the "IT"
subject of the moment for many its everyday and for America it should
have been the "IT" subject at least for the past 8 years. For everyone who
loves policies today. I hope your prepared for the upcoming 4 to 8 years
i hope your ready for tomorrow.

Photo: Hedi Slimane


Ren Leamse said...

Firstly, Hallo, I completely agree with the latter part of your post. It seems people are making politics the "in" thing to talk about "now". Hopefully people continue staying involved. Take Care

Personnal-Shopper said...

I totally agree : politics is the "IT" subject of the moment maybe too much for me !
Everybody have theirs opinion, but you need some knowledge to talk about politics or talk about fashion.
AS ren leamse say, I really hope that people continue to be involved.

I was kind of confused when I saw all this Obama's dresses create by Rodarte or Castelbajac !
In the same time, It was interesting to see fashion not only as superficial.
Fashion Week is it the good place to talk about politic ?! I let you answer : said...


Decida said...

An image tells more than 1000 words, images AFFECT people in a major way. Fashion as a tool only to look attractive is boring and mos def not art, but fashion as a visual tool for what the human can be, challanging peoples conceptions is ART and a have a important meaning in the culture -in the soceity

My goal is behind all the glitz is to at least not give people the obvious stereotypes, make them think a bit how they judge people by looks etc