Monday, November 3, 2008

Sonny "Abdul Lagerfield" Groo

Meeting you over 2 years ago wasn't just coincidence
I love you more each day we spend together and, i care
for you like a real friend should. I hope the world is
ready for us and all we have to offer.

For all the up coming collaborations Sonny, myself and our
soon to be blogged to death third link Majid Karrouch will
bring you.The shoots we have done and have planned for the
up coming months, MYKROMAG, and our Exclusive invite only party.
Be prepared!

Above some pictures we made in Palais de Tokyo during fashion week.


Personnal-Shopper said...

U are so cute, guys !
Much Love !

dino said...

i am waiting for you guyz! said...


EJJA said...

ahahhah yeahhhhhh
this boy name sonny i saw in super super magazine
i donlot the picture from flickr

eyy jean just add a comment box in your blog
it will be necessarry and make people easy to post shout out to you

dont forget to link me

Anonymous said...

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