Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dutch Fashion Awards.

Aynouk Tan Fashion icon 2008

Yesterday me and Majid attended the Dutch fashion awards
which proved to be a long agonising investment in dutch
fashion. An award ceremony that this country needs and that
shows we have potential. but if the outcome is as just,
that seems to be another Question. making sure that not only
the designers but the whole industry including the stylists
and media understood that we need a boost not only creative
wise but also in our state of mind. One the international
judge's asked the dutch fashion industry to "step up" as she
so lightly put it.

After all the runway shows. At the ceremony they elect
a best dressed man and woman this was presented by an
actor who couldn't pronounce the name of the Dutch designer
he was wearing. Sins the best man wasn't a shock to me
and wasn't at all what i think just. i will only post
best female who did not only win but also made a statement
worth remembering.

shown here not just asking everyone to step up there fashion
game but making people hear her by making sure they
understood what she was talking about not just dressing up for
the event that took place but dressing up everyday! thus making
this country more of a fashion forward place to live and create.

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ms icon herself :) said...

KEEP THAT DAMN JEANS IN YOUR CLOSETS pleeeaaasse! love you baby!xx ik zeg: volgende week vrijdag in baljurk op de bank! come on, name me a date!