Monday, November 17, 2008

Find me in the shadow of the sun...

I'm at a point in my life where what i do today defines
on what i be able to do tomorrow. What to do and say at the
right moment and time always seems a trick. Being myself
seems to be the answer.

I've posted quit a few blogs on what people think of
me and the way people see me. But how do i look at myself?
how do i see myself. I have different perspective overall.
I seem to disagree with the overall norm of how to do certain
things. I don't think school has to be the answer to everything
just like having years of experience doesn't mean you can always
do a good enough job.

Go to art school and become a designer an artist. go to bossiness
school and become an entertainer. I say look at Yves Saint Laurent
and make an attempt to try and keep up.

This passed week has been quit impressive. Its been fun, hard
and overall difficult. Doing some shoots, filming, shopping
and a hell of allot of work. So no complaints form me.

This week I've been meeting friends form all over old friends
and new ones. seeing allot of some people and running into some
people i rarely or never get to see. I've learned quit a few things
about people that i thought a knew and gotten to know thing about
people i didn't know very well and found out i dint know at all.

As much as i am an open person and know that i am more then willing
to read an open book with an open mind i find it very easy to reach
a certain conclusion, meaning if you act a certain way expecting the
people around you to either join in do the same or be with you every
step you take think twice. My mother always told me i was born alone
and alone i will die. People tend to make chooses in there lives
and it is up to you if you want to join in and follow or make your
own choice and stand by this.

Sex drugs and rock and role...there is more to life.
You choose who you have sex with you choose if you take drugs or not
and if all your friends do the same or none of them do. Don't feel
alone, or scared. don't get agree or feel betrayed. The main reason
we are friends is based on what we do, what we mean and how much we
actually care about one another and oneanother's values.

for few friends i put my hand in a giant mountain of needles
Enough sentimental shite...

Lets get down to fashion...


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