Monday, January 26, 2009




Juun J.

Schedule for the day:
Thierry Muglar
rick owens
Juun J.
Kris van assche
Raf simons

Outfit of the day:

Spotted outside of Rick Owens

Heels black Zara you know the ones i am talking about
Black rubber pants from Zara
Vintage shirt black with white collar
Black vintage THierry Muglar jacket
XXL scarf and my one black pearl earring

I got up late!! And was suppose to meet Kristina at Thierry at 12.00.
Running there I met Ida and her Sister in the metro and we went
together. Ones i got there I found Kristina and I sat down right
next to her. As she was telling me she didn't feel so good the show
Next up Rick Owens where we ran into a film crew who had been filming
the day before a Louis Vuiton as well they kept filming me and asking me
questions about what I was wearing and how long it must have taken to get
dressed. Getting to see (because yes we got in) the Rick Ownes show was a first.
I don't think it could have been more perfect the location, the lights,
the models maby it could have ben better if i had been standing in a
better spot. Good friend and Colleague Jan Clemens Hook owner of the L'emprese
stores in The Netherlands that sell brands such as; Balenciaga, Givency, Marios
Schwab And Jill Sander arrived from Holland to accompany me to Kris van assche, cerutti, Givency, Raf simons. Meeting him outside of Kris van Assche was quit the delite and seeing the show was equealy Fun.


PersonalShopper said...

I really enjoy this day,
Thanks !

Jan said...

love it <3..had a great time

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