Sunday, September 13, 2009

NY fashion week.

As usual the week is flowing by gracefully and most of the
shows tend to make u question.
why don't they just have a show room and invite people over
to pick what they want giving Prêt-à-Porter a whole nother meaning!?

the only show up till now worth looking at is off course;
Alexander Wang
Showing us that even if your in the U.S you are allowed
to change shapes and colours. The only one who showed shades
that seems at least a little bit original! keep doing what you
do Alex and keep paving at that yellow birck bridge that will
send you right to Paris!


a_moller said...

that last dress reminds me an embellished version of the fall winter 09 jacket and sweater silhouette for jil sander men. its a good cut!

Jeaniuss said...

i agree and the shhoos are last seasons alexander McQueen...;)

Anonymous said...

you should really consider taking a few English classes..

And if you like fashion as much as you do, try and remember how to spell prêt-à-porter.

Chic Noir said...

^^^catty catty anonymous.

Anyway, Alexander Wang's show was a bit of a let down. I saw some nice pieces like that tabacoo leather jacket but overall it was soso. The channel hot pants weren't bad either.

Chic Noir said...

Those blk booties remind me of Givenchy booties from last season.

Anonymous said...

look at ohne titel. way better than wang but they both are styled by Alastair McKimm