Saturday, October 10, 2009

New York Times.

3 days ago they wrote about me in the new york times here is what the wrote:

As usual, the story was a lot different on the city streets. Outside the shows,
the loons of fashion descended in all their crazy plumage.
There were people like Jean-Paul Paula, an Amsterdam-based editor
of an online fashion magazine whose fashion sense (and whose own legs,
in the heels and tights he favors) suggests Grace Jones in a Juliette Gréco mood.
“I am my own work of art,” said Mr. Paula, who, despite his feminine appearance,
has a woodchopper’s handshake. And how.

Read the rest here: NEWYORKTIMES


Sunster said...

Loon ? ?


Rad said...

a woodchopper handshake ? nice !

Duke of Deli Meats said...

lovelovelove your outfit. XD You are TRULY awesome for all the reasons I'm sure you're well aware of already. XD