Sunday, November 15, 2009

Life with sonny

Some of you might now some of you might not
i moved out of my little apartment in amsterdam
that i loved ohh so much because the owner wanted
to sell and me knowing i won't be living here all my life
made the decision to go and live with Sonny.

a decision that will not regret making ever!

so fashion week has been a wile ago. The last mykromag
issue as well we have been so busy with work surrounding
mykro and ourselves.

so please bear with us if we don't seem to be as punctual as
we used to b.

found this super old pic of the 2 of us in PINK. <3


F.S said...

'Bare with me' would be an invitation to undress... it's bear with me!!! funny boy you are!!!

Kira Sherrine said...

lol... I would have kept it... I thought it was kinda cute!

dmk said...

love this photo!!!
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