Thursday, February 11, 2010


At the moment i am in paris.
working on 2 project that i wont tell you another thing
about untill they are both completed but i am here working.

On my way here i received a good few messages talking
about the death of one of our last big creators i had to
stop myself from allowing tears to roll down my face as
i felt deeply overwhelmed.

as the messages kept coming in i kept thinking how and
why. it wasn't until i arrived at my destination more then
40 minutes to late ( i hart the thalys and their extremely
bad train service ). That i could go online and read what
had happend.

Alexander McQueen i hope that the share holders in your
company show respect more then anything and treat your
latest collection and your heritage with great care.


Paris, my center of fashion for the world.
has shown me great love care but today it is SO COLD!
i'm not sure if i want to look good or just be comfortable
so i am going for a but of both wish me luck today!

look for me where the sun wishes to shine.

Dinner with Justin and Damian was nice yesterday!

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no-more-wire-hangers said...

i am still completely gutted :(