Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Paris was amazing!


This was one of the last days we went to Chanel and met Tommy there
and after we went shopping. I kind of threw something on that day and
it turned out quit well. If i may say so myself. Mixing chic with
futuristic wearing Givanchy Couture a pearl Neckless mixed with rubber
pants and Ungaro Shoos. It was quit the day.

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Pix by mylou oord


Summer said...

Oh yeah Paris...LOVE......=)
Great post friend.;D

EJJA said...

kinda kewll y'all

Anonymous said...

I have just recently become of fan of yours from the past months of seeing you in Teen Vogue. I am so inspired by your total abandonment of society and have created your own world that is slowly taking the world by storm. I was looking the web and saw some more pictures of you modeling for "On Front" ..well atleast I hope it was you:) I just wanted to thank you for creativity and determination to inspire and change. I am very appreciative and hope that you will continue pushing forward and letting fashion evolve.

So you dont think I am to strange. little bit about me:

I am Jarrod kentrell
I am currently a ballet dancer with the Atlanta Ballet and will be moving to NYC in the fall to attend parsons for fashion design. I would of contacted you differently, but had no way to do so. Hopefully you get this.

All the best,
Jarrod <3

Anonymous said...

love u love the shoes i want them now

Solo said...

Those shoes..Great! =)

kid prince said...

omg the shoe!!! i love the shoes

Fraulein du det said...

Hey JP,
Geweldig natuurlijk dat weet je allang maar dat oud vrouwtje kijkt van zo ik heb iets te vertellen een keer bij de Bridge vanavond!

Stephone Leonard said...

These photgraphs are amazing