Friday, May 8, 2009

Je suis désolé...

I have been gone for way to long
and what do i have to say for myself.

Nothing what so ever becouse i have been

i've been dooing quit soem work fotoshoot here foto
shoot there and MYKROMAG isn't finshed ever so to be
able to contribute to this everlasting work in progress
i need to keep busy but no worries i am back and will not
be leaving any time soon!

in the Same L'homo magazine that my latest work as a model
got published in they also published my work with ERWIN OLAF
it's quit the shoot. these are two of the pictures we did that
i like best! they will be added to my PORTFOLIO and it was
and honor to work on something this well BIG with Ervin Olaf.


no-more-wire-hangers said...

omg LOVE the first pic :P hehe

ps was just you work freelance or are you with an agency? i currently style freelance but I'm debating whether or not to go to an agency.

william said...

I'm sure it was interesting to work with the models in this shoot.