Saturday, May 9, 2009

Put that on evrything...

From time to time i find myself wondering around
looking at friends the people around me
looking at myself where i am in life, where i have been
and where i want to go.

I find myself wondering am i happy is this where i should be
and what does it all mean? what to they mean to me?

Over the past 3 years i have been meeting so many people
some of which amazing and i have learned to call them friends
others less important or less close to me i call acquaintances.
Some people that i just don't care for.

From time to time i find myself a goldfish in a pool of starving
piranha blind to movement.
so i keep moving
always ready to devour and destroy i keep swimming
i find myself with fewer friends than i thought i had like flowers
surrounded by toxic waste. they die off

unaware... i look around from time to time and i find myself wondering


kid prince said...

i feel you on this one. i wonder about the same thing. i often think i'm i happy where i'm at in life.

Summer said...

Nice post,and the photo,so cool.;D
Looking forward on your next post.Have a great workweek.;D

edo rissen said...

man, fashionista or whatever, get a spellcheck for the love of god, awkward and painful to read.

Jeaniuss said...

im sorry edo hope it looks better now

hyuna said...