Friday, June 26, 2009

fashion week has started and the second day has ended.
time for sleep and words will come later i leave this pic for
those who don't sleep enjoy.


Caramell said...

Becoming a designer is my dream.
In the photos- black inspiration? :D

Summer said...

Such a great post. Looking forward on your next post. Have a good day.=D

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

preppygoesrock said...

im loving your look here! so feirce beeyotch!!!!
check out my blog

Anonymous said...

you guys look amazing! is it tommy ton in the middle?

... said...

here you can a few pictures of you !

Fred of Easy Fashion Paris

Anonymous said...

Nice outfit. Are you wearing Maison Martin Margiela?

FAshLover said...

Hey Jean Paul,

I am wondering how you get invited or how you make your way into the shows. I would die to see some of them and i am helpless on how to find a way to attend. PLEASE HELP!

... said...

Sorry "you can see" a mix of different oufits you wear at different periods.
And pictures of the Fashion of Paris of course !


Cruz said...

You guys are all so well dressed! :)

Josse said...

Love your style.