Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Girl And The Robot!

for her newest single Robyn is collaborating with Royksopp ones again
Or should it be the other way around the Norwegian singer, songwriter
and actress is singing about a robot boy just like she did on her fourth
album titled Robyn.

The Swedish duo just launched there new album Junior and it features
More great artists such as Anneli Drecker from Bel Canto,Lykke Li
and Karin Dreijer form The Knife and Fever Ray.

I juts cant seem to get enough of this Video;


Summer said...

Nice video. Love to see more from you.=D

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The Brown Mestizo

dirtyflaws said...

im really into this x

Anonymous said...

I like this too! Robyn is swedish and Röyksopp are from Norway though.

Mr Christopher said...

It is FIERCE, no doubt...