Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Alexandre Vauthier Couture Spring 2009

There is a Reason why Alexander put Roisin murphy And the Models he choose in these Clothes. Creating garments for Powerfull woman form evry age. Why i feel his choise for Roisin was Good and even just! i've met her multiple times she makes a statement
when she enters a room. POWERFULL she is strong and wear her clothes a sertain way.
Roisin Murphy owns what she wears and the clothes don't wear her. As a true Fahion
Diva. She puls of most of what she wear. Lady gaga on the otherhand the one who says
she makes fashion POP does not know wtf shees doing.




macky said...

lady gaga would so be into this collection.

Audrey_Coco said...

Oh, this is fabulous.
I love structured shoulders. Anything to do with sculpted dresses. It makes everything look just 100 times avant-garde. Oh, and, ferosh (for lack of a better word).

DON'T SWEAT IT said...

I agree, Roisin is a true woman who knows how to wear her clothes instead of vice versa. She always makes an incredible statement with her clothes and never looks as though she's trying too hard.

Jay said...

I agree, Roisin has an element of realness to her look where as Gaga's is more production liney. Roisin was the originator of this look with her last album.