Friday, February 6, 2009


Bryan Boy, Yu Masui and myself have been interviewed by "the moment"
the NEW YORK TIMES blog. Check out the different answeres we had to similar
questions asked to the 3 of us.

Source: The moment

Sins not all the questions that got asked got Published on the blog i will post
them here.

Q:Why does the stiletto seem to be the shoe of choice for men who will brave it and not a wedge? (and would you brave the deadly Prada socklet/wedge combination?)

A:I think most men crave stilettos because they are the most feminine and evoke the strongest emotion, as in they looks powerful and really make you look taller. If your going to wear shoes all together why not look fierce? I like shoes of all sorts and types but no pair does what a good pair of stilettos does.
I would wear the prada socklet. Muchia promised to edit the malfunctions and make the shoes more wearable. After seeing the campaign I would love a black pair of super high Prada stilettos.

Q:What are the highest heels you'll wear?

A:I’ve done performances on platform heels that were over 12 inches high
I performed in them and danced around. They were platforms though and not very steep so not painful at all. I’m willing to try any kind of height as long as I’m still walking on my feet and not my toes.

More questions got asked but i can understand why they never made it to the Blog post.


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J'adore!! I fucking love it!

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great article...

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FAB!!! all I can say!


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One day i'm going to join you 3.

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God! i'm super jealous! I'd loved to be interviewed for my style and get to go to fashion week!
well hope all goes well with you

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your confidence is so inspiring, and i love your outfits. if only my legs could look that good in heels (sigh)

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