Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Harvey Milk: All men are created equal. No matter how hard you try,
you can never erase those words.

I saw this movie today it made me think. It made me happy. It made me
agree. It made me sad. It was amazing it was horrible...I loved it i
hated it.

Sean Penn and James Franco play Impossibly good but loosing why they arein
real life and becoming there carecters in a way that we have seen meny people
do but no one straigh has ever played gay in a way I've seen today. Sean Penn
Mimickes Harvey Milk to an amazing extend making it hard to see the real
from the face. Director Gus van Sant did an amazing Job Making sure that
evry hart felt emotion Spit of the canvas and hit you right in the Eye it
Looked so Good and not to mention the Styling. the cotume director made
sure we knew accactly what time anre eare we are looking at in this movie.

Only 30 years ago times were different for gay people black people minorities
the US's today times are different but have they changed allot did we give up?
are you still able to walk hand in hand with your boyfriend or girlfriend
wherever you are if your gay?

Why do some of us still have to leave home or fight?
Gay rights human right? Religion?

I'm gay was born so on the 13th of march 1986 I'm very proud of who i am.


Anonymous said...

Very good report baby!!! I enjoyed to wacth the film with you
Love you

Ticklemouse said...

i really need to see this movie .... i saw the preview so long ago ..... ahhh your usage of words intrigues me

KimLeeStar said...

I still havent seen this I NEED to see this!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.