Saturday, October 11, 2008

7 days of FIERCE!

I was typing a new post called 7 days of FIERCE.
When a good friend brought it to my attention that,
the 7 days I spent running around Paris going form
show to to show room to hotel to party and show again.
Had already been documented all over the world.

Pictures have been posted everywhere comments have been
made and never the less people seem to have seen all
that i could post... The heels i wore the first day
the belt i put on afther the Dior show and ran with to
the Margiela show. The Dior boots i was waring the second
day the red jacket at Chanel. The leather dress at
Dries v. Noten .

Paris has been like it always is good to me.
giving me freedome giving me sunshine and joy rain when needed
many Questions have been asked and many remarkes have been made
i don't doubt what i weare and don't find it hard when people
don't understand as long as i myself do.

I would like to salute
The Sartorialist
for posting my picture again becouse he did
not make that pic the 10th of October and thank for actually daring
to talk to me about what i was wearing. Thank you for posting it
knowing that allot of people wouldn't agree. All the other bloggers
out there who posted the picture; thank you. The picture
The Sartorialist made wasn't the only pic that started a life of its own,
but the pic that sarted a hole shower of Bloggers posting it, made by altamiranyc, both these photo's
made a trip round the world and ended up right were they started.
I've met a whole lot of amazing people in Paris thank all of you.

here you have a link to the comments people made on The Sartorialist blogg
on both me and an Amazing looking guy which i am sure just got up truw something
on and happened to be making a fuss in Bloggland great gearup great shades and i love the hair! feel free to leave a comment if you think it necessary.

source:altamiranyc,The Sartorialist


MR style said...

u rocked the paris fashion week !!! ps : dont know if u remember me but im Ray ! we met at jeremy scott show thanks to Rene Gloor

Jeaniuss said...

I do remember meeting you! i read what you wrote about yourself! never be shy afher reading your blogg im sorr we didnt talk more then hi I'm Jean-Paul... and thank you for the nice comment i am keeping my eye on your blogg


roybot said...

you are amazing!!!