Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Edie - The Ciao Manhattan Tapes

The Ciao Manhattan Tapes

Everyone goos true shit in there lives.
None that i know can look me in the eye and say that they
have lived all there life happy joyful and without pain.
Rather it being physical pain or pain caused by loss of
a loved on or being held in the dark.We all go true things.

A few mothers ago i was looking for
a movie in the 5 euro bin, and i couldn't find anything i
liked i turn round and found "Factory Girl" this wasn't a movie
about Andy Warhol or another Sianna Miller commercial no this was
Edie Sedwick coming to life on screen. I was blown away by
how fantastic Sianna Miller played Edie.

but never the less I saw allot of my friends or at least people
that i know the first names of doing the exact same thing she did
but because we are not in New York and drugs are so easy to get here
make less of a shocking impression.

I find it OK to be scared and feel insecure but never try to be
someone els because of this. If your parental house hold seems to have
failed, manipulated or even abused you. Where do you get of trying to
destroy yourself or even worse letting someone els do it for you.

I could, and probably should right down the names of the helpless people
but its 2008 and life is to short. lift yourself up out of the crowed
and become whatever it is you want to be if its a lonely unattractive
control freak or a self riches victim of everyone, at least have the decency
to lift your head up and be honest to yourself about it.

Edie made me cry. and her world was indeed fake.
Fashion remains a hard world but still a beautiful one.

she talks about people who create being crazy, some of them are it's what
power they are giving that separates them from others and how serious one
allows oneself to take them.

The wold has changed allot sins New York first met Edie and Andy.
Learn form it, Because it will never be the same again.

source: You-tube

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