Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thom Browne is so SEXY

Its not just his mind thats Attractive creative and in a way Jeanius.
He is fisicly stuning. A real man. A man you want to respect. A man you want
to dress you up in all his Fashions and dress you down.
Thom Browne seems to be the total paccage a hot, mens coture designer that
looks the part. I'm ready Mr. Brown gibe it to the wold. Make them undestand!
That we couls all dress the same, we could all assimilate. But we could also, stop standing still and move forward. The future is here.


yibram palacios said...

fire in the city...melting screen...(!)

majid said...

hey boy! You're sooooo F***** right! The perfect man!

When are we meeting him! hehehe

MR style said...

i couldnt agree more

Anonymous said...

me too, perfection. sooo hot