Friday, October 31, 2008

Jeanius on Krautboys

I don't like classification so don't tell me what your all about.
don't try and simplify things because i have a better time finding out.
me, I am Jeanius, I am like that Classification or mere fact.
Boxes exist out of man made fear so open them all up al let fear go
the further it gets away from you...the better you'll feel.

As I Am Art I Am ALIVE.


Reading this blog i found myself lost between music Photography and
Bare raw sexy beautiful and comfortable nudeness in a way that made
me want to read more...Even though the last post was in september and
the the Bloggers don't seem to post very often when they do they make
sure its a post worth waiting for.

the photography was the first thing to caught my eye the pictures are always
a greatly chosen. Because they are never to much just the right amount of,
nudity and sexiness make sure you get aroused without having direct intercourse
happening in front of your eyes. A true delight. Showing boys and men in a
sexy yet non pornographic. The way all the posts are written is witty and very
welspoken. The music, the funny and equally interesting Interviews with
interesting people. And the respect given to evry sourse by making sure that
there name and or link is there for our eyes to behold.

Great Blog!

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MR style said...

hey im one of the two guys workin on the krautboys blog
thanks for your nice words mate