Saturday, October 18, 2008


When I first did my hair, I did it because I was tired
of the constant hassle of having long hair.Yet i did not
want to cut it all off. I thought what can I do. I want
my hair to look good have a little Edge is be fashion. So
I decided to Cut it the way it is now some call it a high
Top fade, some cal it a Block head. People seem to make there
own versions of my hair all the time. Calling me; "Michael Jackson"!?

I've been asked allot if I know the retro kidz. If I like the retro Kidz
and some even asked me if I am a retro kid. I think looking at me
they way I walked the streets in Paris. People will not be asking me that
Question again here above a vid of the Retro kids; "New Era".
U decided what to think.

source: You-tube


majid said...

you know what we say about this! It's a Music Magazine! hehehe

paul said...

i wish id have your hair

Jason Mui said...

I love your hair jeanpaul, no one has ur hair in the |UK apart from one friend of mine from uni, but he has failed so i wont be seeing him for a while. Your block simply reminds me of you, no one else.. well apart from Grace jones, but no one else. Just you and Grace jones. i love. i miss. mui

caramimi said...

does anyone remember the hip-hop and r&b scene from the 80's and early 90's?! the funky high tops and fades were all the rage then. i cannot believe anyone would refer to your style as "michael jackson." it's such a stereotype.

i think a lot of people were racially separate at that time, and wouldn't dream of listening to the funky music then, and remember mtv rarely had any black artists on, with the exception of michael jackson and a select few. only when "yo! mtv raps" was created, did tv audiences see the rap music styles. so i guess their references are muddled, if those folks did not follow all of the music/fashion culture at that time.

anyhoos, i love your hair and your style! you work it with the drop-dead fashion and call it your own. cheers from san francisco!