Friday, October 10, 2008


Fashion week was AMAZING! Where to start what to say?
lets start with giving thanks to One of my best friends Majid.
Day One! Funny enough this time it was my turn to be late, and keep the
train from leaving. Before i left my house i had trouble closing
my suitcase, nevertheless everything i put in it had to be taken
to Paris, to be able to look impeccable everyday. The night before i
was to tired i couldn't even think about it. So i just dumpt all off it in
and hoped it would be OK leaving the house walking toward the metro.
I realised that they didn't run that early in the morning. Me and about
100 kg (about 220 lbs) had to run out of the metro station up to where
the cabs were. Ohh and i had 7 minutes left got to the station 2 minutes
left. Offcourse the train was leaving from the station on the track ferthest away
from where i got out of the cab. 1 minut Calling out Sonny's name wile i was
dragging my bag up the escalator SONNY STOP THE TRAIN.
I got in at 6.27 train should have left at 6.25.
and our little trip could begin...

We arrived dropped the bags an left for the shops and GARETH PUGH
Passing my the Spots we were familiar with we found the time to go
to my favorite store in Paris Maison Martin Margiela where the people are So Cute you wanna take them home and play store!

Afther buying my favorite new Item we rann off to the Gareth Pugh show..

Tim Blanks said the following: "—Joan Crawford meets Predator—"
"There was a Vic starchiness in pleated underskirts. But Pugh shoved all this history into a futuristic fantasy zone with a wrapped coat that looked like pixels, or a dress composed of vinyl petals like reptilian scales."

Afther the show our friend Craig form
came to say hello and asked us if he could make a pic
of us and so he did...his pic went evrywhere form to to all the way
back to
and not to forget the lovely people at

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Marion said...

Thanks a lot for your comment on my blog ! I answer you back only now because I was writing a new post at the same time...
The photos are beautiful, how lucky you were to go shopping in Maison Martin Margiela stores !
Your look is awesome, I whish I would have been able to go to the Fashion Week and take a picture of you, like so many fashion blogs did !
LAFriendly isn't (yet) my husband lol, but I'm glad you enjoy his website, he works really hard actually on it !

Thx,See U !