Saturday, October 11, 2008


Day 2!

The troops from holland arrive to spend time with us
today we shop round walk round and run form show to show
Lie-Sang Bong, anne valerie hash, Bruno Pieters, afvandevorst,

Lie-Sang Bong//
was as i expected nto very impressive they sarted
out with some nice pieces all very sructured and skillfully made
but the Hair? the music? and the choise of colour were overly dissaponting

Anne Valerie Hash//
I went to this show black without any expectations my legging was riding down
and all i could think was where are they gooing to sit us down now the collection was
sexy summer and light and befor i knew it it was over i was plesently serprised with
the Muse who was obviasly not a real model..Valerie Hash had the good models and has heard the cry of Italian Vogue... Chanel iman, Jordan Dunn and Sessilee Lopez all walked her show.

Bruno Pieters//
here we have a Great msn who has Great taste who's fall winter collection was GREAT
even though he could outshine Stefano Pilati at YSL his last collection was AMAZING
and the latest on just well its just not as good. He dedicated it to Pierre Cardin.
The collection wasnt bad eventhough the opening dress looks to tight on Iekeliene. All clothes were blck and white like so many other designers did he had good cuts amazing shapes in the jackets but nothing interesting on the feet.

This was for me the show of the day by far. It was very sexy!form the lips to the hair the models had allot of walkig to do. Overall i think An Vandevorst and Filip Arickx did great showing us a sexy yet powefull woman opening with Danijela Dimitrovska taking RED lips to a higer level!