Monday, October 13, 2008

Hedi Slimane

Greatness rearly shows and goos. Hedi Slimane a Jeanius in more ways then one.I was very impressed with the work he did with Carine Roitfeld. His choise of models is always an amazing one wrather it be boys, men, girls or woman. There is always a hint of Hedi.

I love his work.

The Cover he did together with Nicola Formichetti for V-Man aswell as,
the cover of the VOGUE HOMMES JAPAN; SAMURAI FICTION 美しい男たちへ。Photography by Hedi Slimane. Was a breath of well needed fresh air in men's Fashion not only did he shoot the cover story, they also did a story on him Called HEDI'S 100. I dont have to tell you what to do, but I sure wish I could Read Japanese.

Hedi Slimane


Personnal-Shopper said...

Love it !

MR style said...

i posted those pics too !!
it's so good !!

m.vandestouwe said...

jeej dit had ik nodig!