Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Last week.

I rearly buy a newspaper because i can see it all online.
without having someone adding there opinion.
I find i can make my own.

Pic was taken just before we went to see the Margiela show.

So for the people who do reed newspapers and...
Emailed, texted, sent me messages on myspace and/or face book.
Thank you now i know i was in the papers and this is what they added
to be correct it was the NRC.

In the Article they thought i was a woman and they thought i was french
eventhough the pic was made by a dutch photografer that i met that day
and i spoke to a few days later in front of Chanel.

thanks for the pic Allard

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Anonymous said...

wat een suffe tekst hebben ze d'r bij geschreven! pfffff...